A Detailed Report of the Accident Last Week Involving Chris Larkin and Michael Brady

It should have been fatal. That’s what the police investigators on the scene said. And that’s what James McIntyre, the owner and operator of Terre Haute Towing Service (www.terrehautetowingservice.com) said too (he was the one who arrived on the scene soon after the cops, and towed the wreck away).

Chris Larkin and Michael Brady, of course, are two of the biggest Divine Aegis gamers in all of Indiana. And they’re also the President and Vice President respectively of our beloved Divine Aegis Club of Bloomington.

So after the crash we’ve been getting endless calls from Divine Aegis club members asking for details of what happened.

We’re tired of explaining everything over and over, and that’s why we decided to write this blog post. (It’s me, by the way, Marianne Kelley, who’s sitting here at the keyboard and doing the writing—but I’m doing it at the behest of Jonathan Gardner, who’s standing right next to me watching every single word I type).

As most of you know, the accident took place on I-70, just east of Terre Haute, at about 9 p.m. on last Friday night. Chris and Michael had left Bloomington for Terre Haute that evening at about 7:30 p.m., and were planning to spend the night at a friend of Michael’s in Terre Haute.




The reason they were going to Terre Haute, as you all know, was to talk to the Divine Aegis Club of Terre Haute to see if they might want to merge with our Divine Aegis Club here in Bloomington. They were going to meet with Rob Werner and Jim Andrews first thing on Saturday morning.

Anyway, the accident was caused by a big RV that was going slow in the fast lane. Chris was driving, and he was getting mad at the RV guy. He tried to pass him once on the right, but then he got cut off by a semi-trailer rig, which was going too fast in the middle lane.

So finally Chris started flashing his lights at the RV guy, trying to get him to move over. And when he didn’t move, then Chris gunned the engine, and tried again to pass him on the right, but then suddenly this motorcycle rider appeared out of nowhere, and Chris swerved to the left to keep from hitting him, and that’s when he lost control of the car, and they rolled three times, and…

But they’re still alive. Badly shaken but not badly hurt. Although as the cops said, they should have been dead.

They’re still in the hospital, but they’ll be out this weekend, and back home for our regular monthly meeting.

You’ll all have a chance to talk to them then.